Air Mail…seriously

I have always collected stamps. My Dad started the hobby for me when we lived in Burlington, a long, long time ago. He was always about the ‘new’ sheets, and first day covers…. I however, secretly coveted the old stamps – especially those with a cancellation. That little ‘blob’ of ink tells you where the stamp may have traveled, and in some cases, exactly what day.  There is a stash of these really old postcards at an antique store in Winston Salem, but most of the pictures and the messages are unworthy of attention from an artsy perspective HOWEVER – those with 1 cent stamps are one hundred years old ! and the handwriting – OMG – they just don’t teach form like that anymore – hell, they don’t even teach cursive in the south.  What to do with them?

Postal Bird Watercolor
100 year old postcard with Water Color Bird

 For 35 cents a piece (where is the cent sign on the computer anyway?),
they have become art…

your thoughts are appreciated ?

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