Painting for a Cause

Originally, I was only going to donate 25% of the commissions that I booked during last weekends show to Warrior Service Dogs. Then, I met the young people behind the organization and decided that during the entire holiday season, that I would contribute to the cause.

This past week, I completed the following PetWorks Portraits –







i originally was not going to even attempt a ‘realistic’ fur color – but despite that badly planned idea, I like the Near Real effect that Hanna’s eye color has on her portrait . I am still partial to the colorful critters though.

On a totally separate subject, Karl the Contractor is starting on Monday – hence the ‘playroom’ for the teenagers ! yeah! and already I overheard the men plotting to take over the party space to convert it to a spear throwing room (AKA Darts). Either way it works well for me, I will now have company when I paint or paste or cut or plot – whatever I do in my studio and will no longer have to run up the stairs to use the bathroom (or get a beer or whatever). Go Karl !

your thoughts are appreciated ?

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