Letter Love 101

The amazing Joanne Sharpe, coincidentally located in a suburb of Rochester right next to where I grew up, has this amazing, very doable online class. So we have had 11 lessons to date and here are some of my highlights: I had to skip lesson with the circle thing, it made me dizzy – aka I hate compasses  …..

hanging hearts tutorial

hanging hearts

Hanging Hearts – Mixed Media Art for the masses…. You will LOVE to do this little project. Hop on over to the US Artquest Blog to get the tutorial. I put mine in a frame and wrote ‘love you’ (my words for 2012) in the corner . Send me a picture of what you do –

Hanging Hearts Mixed Media Artwork

here is what I like about summer

Sometimes, nothing matters. It is a good and a bad feeling at the same time, we are going with the ‘good’ here. Here are two mixed media pieces. the first was actually the bottom piece – you know the one with the star fish that looks good. The lettering got screwed up becuase my faithful companion (the furry one) nudged me with the pen in my hand while I was writing – he needed a bone and it made no difference to him what I was doing. (He is truly a canine child.) So I ripped off the bad part and set about making a ‘new’ flat copy. Then I suddenly realized that I could rebuild the tide with other ‘mistakes’. I like it, but there really isn’t room for any lettering. So I finished the other one.  (The shadows are n’t actually on the top piece, the flat scanner made them because the waves on the bottom piece made it.

Starfish at the Beach

Starfish at the Beach, aux Deux

Gone to the Beach (which is at the lake)

Gone to the Beach

Gone to the Beach

Now it’s our turn for a rest.
Posts from there, if kharma allows.
Peace. Quiet. Yeah.
5 x 7 watercolor
mounted temporarily on card stock
Frame and hang next to your door when you go to the beach !
(or the shore if you are a Jersey girl…)

Etymology meets Art

I love words. I love new words, old words and the history of words. I love to make art from words and recently, started to write over my watercolors:

Poppy Friends

Poppy Friends, approx. 4 x 6

I think will also be true and I LOVE the color poppies – right now, they are all over the state of North Carolina in the Highway medians. Makes running up and down 421 and 77 a joy !

The Art of color drop

This is an exciting ‘new’ method of creating water color flowers and foilage, called Color Drop flowers. I learned this from Martha Lever, who is a whimsical teacher ! At any rate, as will all art, I tend to learn the technique and ignore the details and go off in another direction. I took this class about a month ago and my DH recently said ” what are you going to do with all of those – you should sell them”. So, based on his expert advice, here they are, at Artpickins, ready for their new home  with you. Hope you enjoy them.

blue bachelor buttons

Blue Bachelor Buttons

Water color on 140 lb cold press paper
$15.95 plus $4.95 shipping.
No charge for adding a little quote, a special date (wedding, anniversary) or a name in black ink.
(just allow a couple of days for me to ‘draft it ‘ on a color copy and then have you approve it.)