the test of ‘realness’

So this week i finished a 24 x 24 commission that was sort of rendered by my appearance at the Carolina Beach Arts Festival. A Pelican Collage. Have you seen it before ? yes. Thing is it was for someone that I have to see on a daily basis and it was ‘scary’. He insisted on a substrate I was not sure would work – paper / cardboard. He didn’t want to hear a thing about canvas panels, birch wood substrates or anything that me, the artist, thought would be prudent….

In an effort to appease the client and in a ‘oh what the heck-throw caution to the wind- whatever’  mind set  i did as he asked. Guess what?

It’s fine. He even gave me a ‘tip’ for doing it his way – $ 50.00 –

Moral of the story : Try it – it may get you something in addition to a happy client.

Pelican Collage

The finished collage -Pelican II

Beach Life

I just can’t get the sea off my mind – when I was young we went to Maine a lot . Recently a couple of my college buddies did a mini tour of New England (maybe more like New England Pubs) and posted pictures of the coast in RI – I couldn’t go due to kids activities – but I did manage to squeeze in a painting – (and a couple of cocktails) so I was almost there.


Whimsyville ‘debut’ at Whimsical Women

Whimsyville Canvas

Beachworks, Angelworks, Fish, birds, and cupcakes.

Booth2013 Starfish, beachworks and birds boothleft boothrightWow. Funny, but we seem tailor made for each other – and I was OVERWHELMED by the beauty, creativity and sheer fun of the other ladies works.  I am hoping to be lucky enough to exhibit this fall in Pfafftown, for Whimsical Women on November 23rd. More to come.

You can visit all the artists on Facebook at Whimsical Women

Merry Christmas from North Carolina

This morning, as we dropped the car off for it’s christmas oil change, there were the most BEAUTIFUL color skies – purple, bright pink, yellow – but alas , we have no snow – the air conditioning was on today… merry christmas from our home to yours.

blueridge christmas 2011

Dec. '11... it's almost Christmas and there is no snow


The Gift of Art: a Mixed Media Birdie tutorial

You will need: Studio Cloth (or canvas painted with two coats of gesso)
Acrylic Paint for base, permanent green perfect pigment
Acrylic paint in coordinating color with Glaze mixed in (for stamping)
Soft Gel medium
Art Papers (or left over scrapbook pieces)
Rubber Stamp (quote, flower – whatever you wish)
10″ piece of wireworks, 24 ga wire
10″ of Ribbon
3 pages from a book (tear them out together!)
matte finish , Krylonneedle, thread

1. Draw a bird on paper. Cut around your pattern 1/4″ OR use an image from clip art and print directly on Studio Cloth !
2. Cut two birds from Studio Cloth (or gessoed canvas)
3. Paint with base color.
4. While paint dries, cut your books pages, after aligning them on the straight edge, into strips.
5. Fold wire in a loose spiral.
6. Beginning in the center, fold a strip of the cut book in half around the wire form. Apply gel medium to the inside of the folded strip. Press down. Continue to add strips one by one, until you feel the nest is a good size. Fold the end in a ‘hook’.
7. Sew a tiny piece of ribbon about 1 1/2″ to the inside bottom of one of the bird pieces. This is where you will hook the nest to the bird !
7. Apply art papers, rubber stamping, sketching, loose threads or any other items you desire to the body of both birds. They can match, or not. Finish with a strip of words that reflect your bird’s personality. Allow to dry.
8. Using needle and thread, sew the bird’s body together. Begin with nest ‘in place’ and sew around the birds body until you reach the head. Fold your remaining piece of ribbon in half. Place inbetween the top halves of the bird’s head. Continue to stich closed.

Notes: You can add stuffing if you wish.
Could also skip the ribbon at the top and insert a dowel where the nest hangs, your bird would then be able to fly over your favorite house plant.

Tip: If you love your rubber stamps, and you want to use acrylic paint to stamp, add two drops of glaze to the paint before applying it to your rubber stamp. Stamp as you always do, allowing extra time to dry and wash the stamp immediately. (I use Golden’s Glaze Medium)

You can get the supplies listed in BOLD from USArtquest

Hope you find this little idea fun !

Things happen for a reason…

Angelwork 11
Angelwork 11

There is so much going on in the background (under the paint) of this angelwork. She has many paper layers (she was once a practice collage that I despised). She was layered and stressed and sanded. She was once bright orange and dark green (yes at the same time and talk about U.G. L. Y.). Alas she has become one of my absolute favorites ! The camera picked up on the warmth and depth of her layers and automatically added the amber glow – normally I would color correct this before posting, but I can’t it is too lovely and it must have happened for a reason.

Happy Saturday !