Valentines, in progress

I almost hate to admit this – I BUY valentines. (Um I have also proudly purchased everyone of my children’s birthday cakes – Auntie Sue disapproves…) So I thought for kicks, I would make them this year.

Sneak Peak at the ‘pieces’.

Merry Christmas from North Carolina

This morning, as we dropped the car off for it’s christmas oil change, there were the most BEAUTIFUL color skies – purple, bright pink, yellow – but alas , we have no snow – the air conditioning was on today… merry christmas from our home to yours.

blueridge christmas 2011

Dec. '11... it's almost Christmas and there is no snow


Postal Bird, II

Makl Art Watercolor Bird and Swedish Note
100 year old Swedish penciled note with watercolor bird and flowers

In another book, I discovered a “scrap” of sorts. In a swedish latin book of all things. It is not that the latin is swedish, but rather that it was a lesson book for someone whose native language was swedish who wished to learn latin. The old book is beautiful, but inside, coveted more than the book, were some study notes date 1914 – beautifully hand lettered in pencil,  in what appears to be a vocabulary list – one side swedish, and the other latin. A small piece of it is now permanently affixed to this tiny watercolor bird and her flowers.  The piece is roughly 5 x 7 on archival water cold press water color paper, and would make a lovely gift for a language teacher.

Air Mail…seriously

I have always collected stamps. My Dad started the hobby for me when we lived in Burlington, a long, long time ago. He was always about the ‘new’ sheets, and first day covers…. I however, secretly coveted the old stamps – especially those with a cancellation. That little ‘blob’ of ink tells you where the stamp may have traveled, and in some cases, exactly what day.  There is a stash of these really old postcards at an antique store in Winston Salem, but most of the pictures and the messages are unworthy of attention from an artsy perspective HOWEVER – those with 1 cent stamps are one hundred years old ! and the handwriting – OMG – they just don’t teach form like that anymore – hell, they don’t even teach cursive in the south.  What to do with them?

Postal Bird Watercolor
100 year old postcard with Water Color Bird

 For 35 cents a piece (where is the cent sign on the computer anyway?),
they have become art…

Papier Colle

there is no doubt that i was otherwise occupied during art class in elementary school at Park Road Elementary School, HOWEVER this form of collage – making tiny watercolors and then joining them together is very addictive. You can use inexpensive paper – just  adhere the final pieces to a heavier weight with gel medium.

pa·pier col·lé/päpˈyā kōˈlā/Noun

1. The technique of using paper for collage.
2. A collage made from paper.

If flowers were batik…

batik flowers
Batik Flowers

After I finished this color drop garden, I found some batik fabric in the same colors. i haven’t seen that particular scrap for a long time – it is from the purse making era – but these colors are very similiar. I wish I had colored the background first, maybe i will go back and do just that…or make another one.

Thanks to Michael’s I have a fresh pad of cold pressed water color paper that was 50% off. happy face. happy face. happy face.
It is not Jerry’s artarama or Cheap Joes, but in a pinch the paper is fine.

Word Garden ?

color drop flowers

Rusty , but Beautiful

I love dictionary and encylopedia pages. During an epic trash session (this is where i actually get DH to throw things away) he agreed to let go of a set of encyclopedias from 1980 something. I picked the A-N and O-Z compendiums out of the trash (I will pick my own trash, but not other peoples…).

They are now a paper sources for some drawings… This one, sprayed with workable fixative first – is watercolor and ink. The flowers look rusty, but I like the colors. I don’t think it is finished yet, but I want to sit on it for a while.

This page is an “O” page – omniprescence and oolong are the words at the top.  I have an older friend at the lake, she is the grandmother of the children that my kids hang with, she is omniprescence, because her style of both parenting and grandparenting is one I admire. I suppose all grandparents are omniprescence, but even after we leave the lake, for months, her pleasantness stays with me – reminding me that one day, I too will be mom-mom… she also loves yellow, so maybe, this is subliminally inspired by Barbara.