Merry Christmas from North Carolina

This morning, as we dropped the car off for it’s christmas oil change, there were the most BEAUTIFUL color skies – purple, bright pink, yellow – but alas , we have no snow – the air conditioning was on today… merry christmas from our home to yours.

blueridge christmas 2011

Dec. '11... it's almost Christmas and there is no snow


Things happen for a reason…

Angelwork 11
Angelwork 11

There is so much going on in the background (under the paint) of this angelwork. She has many paper layers (she was once a practice collage that I despised). She was layered and stressed and sanded. She was once bright orange and dark green (yes at the same time and talk about U.G. L. Y.). Alas she has become one of my absolute favorites ! The camera picked up on the warmth and depth of her layers and automatically added the amber glow – normally I would color correct this before posting, but I can’t it is too lovely and it must have happened for a reason.

Happy Saturday !

Angelworks 2011

And here thye are :

Mixed Media Angels

 Two brunettes, one curly Blonde (her name should be Elizabeth….) and one with a Halo.

They are individually for sale in the Loose Thread Studios at etsy
$20-$25.00 each. Totally original artwork, no prints… AS always, profits are turned over to a Kick in the Grass !