You are my inspiration

Every once in a while I will get addicted to another artist’s work. At first I stare, then I try to do it justice by imitation (something some art teacher taught me in school), and then I try to adapt the learning to my own style. If you take classes in a certain style or technique, it eventually makes its appearance in your own work. As one of my current teachers says    ‘ practice, practice, practice’ …(like I didn’t hear that enough growing up with piano lessons once a week for what felt like eternity).

This weeks artwork is

watercolor, ink and marker

watercolor, ink and marker

Jimmy Buffett – it is art

Jimmy Buffett

  feb 9, 2013 JB

There wasn’t a lot of art done last week, I was totally distracted by our opportunity to be with 1198 of our closest friends in a private concert with Jimmy Buffett. I was mesmerized . It’ll never happen again in a million years. Fortunate doesn’t even cover it.

Usually we get grass seats and watch him on the big screen and this time, I couldn’t even see the big screen – only Jimmy. I think DH was watching the reeferettes more…. whoa baby.

Fins Up.

Owl Brain

In preparation for May’s Whimsical Women show in Cary , these are some of the magnet designs. Owls surrounded me in college as part of my sorority’s identity. They used to make me nuts until I started making them whimsical… I like their new identity . Happy Paint Party Friday !


Without water, I would have no art…


This little crabby was created with the amazing Derwent light wash water solvable graphite pencil – and the sunset is Caran d arche crayon. I love art supplies and I love the ocean- they mix pretty well don’t you think?

Have a very artful day .