Owl Brain

In preparation for May’s Whimsical Women show in Cary , these are some of the magnet designs. Owls surrounded me in college as part of my sorority’s identity. They used to make me nuts until I started making them whimsical… I like their new identity . Happy Paint Party Friday !


Without water, I would have no art…


This little crabby was created with the amazing Derwent light wash water solvable graphite pencil – and the sunset is Caran d arche crayon. I love art supplies and I love the ocean- they mix pretty well don’t you think?

Have a very artful day .

They’re back… more creatures from the deep blue sea

I think it is because I am a Pisces. Not being ‘into’ astrology, and having no clue what that really means – I do love the ocean. I love the sand. I love the sunshine and all the cool things that wash up on the beach. Even the ‘gross’ jelly fish are cool – you just can’t get too close.

That said, this morning was crabby morning – not in a bad mood- just felt like crab-ing it a bit. This is crabby love I. There is a two, but I am only sharing one. The other feels ‘unfinished’.

Have a lovely crabby day .

crabby love

crabby love

The Simple Life – with an occasional bump

For 2013, I chose the Simple for my one little word. The ink sketch was done before I chose the word, but it made perfect sense. It is also a little more ‘elegant’ than my usual Whimsyville-istic style, but I like it just the same.  The “m” has extra bumps – a lot like life sometimes.

What’s your word for 2013 ?

My OLW for 2013

My OLW for 2013

At the risk of repeating myself – Who am I, deux ?

owl painting

a little lighter, and a whole lot messed up..

Owls #2

Sometimes when you run a series of paintings weird things happen. The dude was a mess. He is now fortunately covered by a paper version, but his ‘texture’ was lost and it feels like cheating a little. While collage is a very legitimate artful category, the point was stick to the canvas and paint.

Oh well, may my path to artists’ hell continue for I have now mixed Golden fluid acrylics with the ‘cheap’ stuff , Liquitex glaze, Heavy Artist’s Cement  from US Artquest to hold the dude in place and I think we just about hit every manufacturer there is.

There were supposed to be 4 in this series, but I think I might just end the pain here.

completed 12/28/12.

Have a very whimsyful day !

Who am I ?

Who am I ? Well, that question will never be answered, but here are the results from my class with Jodi Ohl.  I think if you visit her sweet blog, you will definitely see her ‘influence’ on this work.

Mixed Media Owl

I will probably get ‘flack’ for this – but I have never been a fan of owls. They scare me. BUT…. I found out that they really take characterization well. I may just try another one as we all know how I love to make things my own. The techniques
were great and very worth the tiny investment. You can take the class too if you wish , just visit  Creative Workshops .

There are three different types of Acrylics in this piece – for that, I will surely go to artist hell – I have never been one to use only a single product in any project – so why start now. This is one reason that I LOVE mixed media so much.

This has india ink outlines – I told Jodi in a message that I didn’t think I would like them, I actually love them.

I used a white Uni-ball Signo Pen for the details.

The base is canvas- also something that I used to not like and now adore. It is all a matter of playing and practicing until you feel comfortable.

well, it looks like christmas, it smells like christmas, so,

what’s up with the fish….? These guys have nothing to do with Christmas except perhaps to put a smile on your face. As a sketch, they later became ‘pins’ using Studio Cloth from USArtQest. Most of today was spent painting – but these were a fun ‘relief’ from the seriousness of a ‘real’ canvas. – have a very artful today. Tomorrow, the annual Merry Christmas from North Carolina piece…

Fresh FishStix Sketches

Fresh FishStix Sketches

Fish Pin

Three little FishStix to put on your bag, sweater or backpack