well, it looks like christmas, it smells like christmas, so,

what’s up with the fish….? These guys have nothing to do with Christmas except perhaps to put a smile on your face. As a sketch, they later became ‘pins’ using Studio Cloth from USArtQest. Most of today was spent painting – but these were a fun ‘relief’ from the seriousness of a ‘real’ canvas. – have a very artful today. Tomorrow, the annual Merry Christmas from North Carolina piece…

Fresh FishStix Sketches

Fresh FishStix Sketches

Fish Pin

Three little FishStix to put on your bag, sweater or backpack

hanging hearts tutorial

hanging hearts

Hanging Hearts – Mixed Media Art for the masses…. You will LOVE to do this little project. Hop on over to the US Artquest Blog to get the tutorial. I put mine in a frame and wrote ‘love you’ (my words for 2012) in the corner . Send me a picture of what you do –

Hanging Hearts Mixed Media Artwork

Things happen for a reason…

Angelwork 11
Angelwork 11

There is so much going on in the background (under the paint) of this angelwork. She has many paper layers (she was once a practice collage that I despised). She was layered and stressed and sanded. She was once bright orange and dark green (yes at the same time and talk about U.G. L. Y.). Alas she has become one of my absolute favorites ! The camera picked up on the warmth and depth of her layers and automatically added the amber glow – normally I would color correct this before posting, but I can’t it is too lovely and it must have happened for a reason.

Happy Saturday !